We specialise in clearing out deceased estate properties.

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Canberra Rubbish Removers, the Estate Specialists are here to help. We specialise in clearing out deceased estate properties. This is done promptly, with respectful care and efficiency, possibly saving you weeks of cleaning up while going through the grief of losing someone.

Professional Canberra Rubbish Removers


Whether you live as far away as Perth or simply just around the corner from your beloved’s property, we can provide a team of professionals to come in and remove all unwanted items – including large pieces of furniture and white goods or just general rubbish from the home, garage, shed and yard.

Complete service

Complete service

After someone has passed there can remain a mountain of material of little value that simply needs to be taken away, particularly if the person has lived in their home for a long time. It is this unwanted material that we can help you with. When you are ready, our Canberra Rubbish Removers team can come in and work to remove all unwanted items, large and small. We service all areas in the Canberra Region, and can take away items including, household contents such as furniture, crockery, kitchen ware, linen, clothing, white goods, electrical appliances etc. Outside we can clear out the shed, the garage or remove garden furniture and gardening equipment. We can even take away green waste if that’s what you need doing. Trust Canberra Rubbish Removers, the Estate Specialists, to assist you when you need it the most.